Saturday, August 13, 2011

40 Drawings Better Than Rob Liefeld's - 1

A while back a very nice person posted a sample gallery of what could reasonably considered to be the 40 worst Rob Liefeld drawings. I had to agree that they were pretty awful, both from an anatomical perspective and from a feminist perspective. I decided that it would be a fun project to improve on these drawings as best I could. No offense to Mr. Liefeld, but there's definitely room for improvement. Here's the first example of his work.

The original website doesn't say who this lady is, so I'm going to go ahead and assume she's some manner of super-heroine. I'm going to say up-front that I think comic book costumes are, by and large, ridiculous. Particularly women's costumes. Women's costumes tend to perform the task of highlighting sexiness. There's nothing wrong with this, per se, but when almost every single super-heroine is wearing boob-tastic thong outfits, it gives the impression that the artist is drawing with one hand and intending the drawings for a puerile audience.

This lady is wearing what seems to be a crime-fighting teddy with a belt of pouches around a waist that seems to be roughly the same size as her neck. If she weren't so ludicrously broken-looking, I'd say Mr. Liefeld was tracing pornography, judging by the pose, which is submissive or passive.

Here's mine:

True, my drawing isn't quite as polished as the original, but I think I did well by her. She looks like she's ready for kicking ass in a comfortable set of yoga pants and tank-top. She looks like she's resting for a few minutes between violent sessions and she's definitely not just eye candy.

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